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Create and manage your checklists to help you stay organized.

Hear a sample of Task Tracker

"Alexa, open Morning Checklist"

Alexa: Welcome to Morning Checklist! Would you like to check things off, or hear it first?

"Check things off"

Alexa: Let's get started. Say yes or no after each item. First up, prepare lunch.


Alexa: Grab keys, wallet, and mobile.


Alexa: Review today's meetings...

### How to create 1. Name your checklist and add as many items or tasks as you want. 2. Customize the experience with your own personalized messages. 3. Name your skill. 4. Share your skill with friends and family, so they can use it on their Alexa-enabled devices. ### How to use 1. Open your skill. 2. Review your tasks and check off items that are complete. 3. Reset the list to re-use it another time. ### Tips - Create separate skills for each for each of checklists!