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Pet Sitter

Help the pet sitter care for your favorite animal.

Hear a sample of Pet Sitter

"Alexa, open My Pet Sitter."

Alexa: Hello, and thanks for all the help today. The owner created this custom skill to make it easier to care for their beloved pet. If you have any questions while you're here, just ask.

"Where's the leash?"

Alexa: It's hanging on the coat rack by the front door. What else would you like to know?

####How to create 1. Fill in your pet's daily habits and needs 2. Enter answers to any common questions 3. Provide contact info for your vet, neighbors, or favorite pet store 4. Pick a name for your skill ####How to use Teach your sitter to open this skill on your home devices. Provide them with a list of questions Alexa can answer about your pet. They can ask Alexa about: * Daily schedules * Allergies and medications * Where to find things * How to do things * Emergency contact information