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Custom Q&A

Customize Alexa's response to your questions.

Hear a sample of Custom Q&A

"Alexa, who is the best mom?"

Alexa: I just compared all moms in history, and my conclusion is that yours is the best.

"Alexa, which is the best city in the world?"

Alexa: I'm pretty fond of my hometown, Seattle Washington.

####How to create 1. Jump start your thinking with the sample Q&A. 2. Write your custom questions and answers. 3. Want to add more? Update your existing Q&A skill to add more questions. This is a special blueprint that does not require you to make a new skill. ####How to use * Ask Alexa your question exactly as you wrote it. (With this blueprint, you don't need to open the skill by name.) * If you don’t hear your custom response, Alexa may not have understood. You can verify what she heard by visiting the History section under Settings in your Alexa App.