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Yes No Maybe

Ask Alexa any yes or no question and hear a randomly selected response.

Hear a sample of Yes No Maybe

"Alexa, open Yes No Maybe."

Alexa: Back with another question, I see. I can give you my best answer. What's on your mind?

"Should I get pizza tonight?"

Alexa: I can answer that. It's a definite yes!

### How to create 1. Create as many responses as you want. 2. Customize your intro message and sounds. 3. Name your skill. 4. Share your skill with friends and family. They can use it on their Alexa-enabled devices. ### How to use 1. Open your skill by saying, "Alexa, ask Yes No Maybe…" followed by your quesiton. 2. Enjoy Alexa's response! ### Tips When you write more responses for Alexa, your skill will be more surprising — and more fun.