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Three Word Sort

Train your brain in this topsy-turvy sorting game

Hear a sample of Three Word Sort

"Alexa, open My Sort Game"

Alexa: Welcome to My Sort Game. Get ready to follow my directions and answer as fast as you can. […] Sort these animals, A to Z. Horse, bird, jellyfish.

"Bird, horse, jellyfish"

Alexa: Nice! Sort these family members, shortest to tallest. Daniel, Christine, Tom.

"Tom, Christine, Daniel."

Alexa: Good! Sort these cities you have visited, Z to A. New York, Los Angeles, Miami.

####Let’s play Three Word Sort Train your brain for 3 minutes a day with this sorting game. Customize with your favorite categories, then follow Alexa's directions as fast as possible to rack up points. Ready, set, sort! ####How to create 1. Create some categories. 3. Optional: Customize the sort order for that category. If “sorted by” is left blank, the game will apply default sorting, such alphabetical sorting. 3. Add a list of words to each category. If you have customized the sort order, remember to list the words in that order. 4. Name your skill. ####How to use 1. Open your skill. 2. Follow Alexa’s instructions. Sort as many things as you can before 3 minutes are up. 3. Try another round. ####Tips 1. More categories add fun. We recommend creating at least 5 categories. 2. Longer lists are more challenging. We recommend at least 10 words per category.