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Five Item Rush

Score your friends in this wacky categories game

Hear a sample of Five Item Rush

"Alexa, open Animal Rush"

Alexa: Welcome to Animal Rush […] There are 3 players today. Player 1, you’ll be the judge. Player 2, name 5 things in the category, Types of Turtles. Ready, go!

"Let’s see. Box turtle, Ninja Turtle, chocolate turtle, um…"

Alexa: Judge, was Player 2 correct?


Alexa: Too bad. Player 3, now you try. […]

####Description Players have 10 seconds to name 5 things in a category. The judge, who is one of the players, then scores their responses. Customize the categories with your favorite topics, grab some friends and family, and get ready to think fast. ####How to create 1. Make a list of categories. Get creative! 2. Customize Alexa’s prompts during the game, player nicknames, and the game’s sound effects 3. Pick a name for your skill ####How to play Grab 2-6 players, then open your skill Each turn: * Alexa gives each player a nickname, then identifies a judge * The judge chooses a category for players to answer * Players take turns naming 5 things in the category * The judge determines how well a player answers * Players earn points if the judge thinks they answer correctly. If no player answers correctly, the judge earns a point Alexa totals the score and declares a winner