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Holiday Story

Create an interactive holiday story with your child as the main character.

Hear a sample of Holiday Story

"Alexa, open My Holiday Story."

Alexa: Hey kids, mom and dad created this holiday story just for you. This story has three blanks in it. Let's get started. Please say a boy's name.


Alexa: You said Russell. Great. Next one is a girl's name.


Alexa: You said Sophia. Great. Last one is a puppy's name.


Alexa: You said Charlie. Are you ready to hear your story?


Alexa: One cold and cozy December evening, a young boy named Russell and his sister named Sophia were helping their parents prepare a holiday feast. The children's grandparents were on their way, and there was plenty of cooking left to finish...

####How to create 1. Get inspired by the sample story 2. Customize it, or start from scratch 3. Drop in sound effects, fun expressions, and pauses 4. Create interactive "blanks" to fill in while you listen 5. Pick a name for your skill ####How to use 1. Gather your audience. 2. When you play the story, Alexa asks listeners to fill in the blanks and then reads the story.