About Kid Skills

Kid skills are skills that have been identified by the developer as directed to children. Kid skills are turned off by default. You can turn all kid skills on in the Settings menu of your Alexa App. You can turn off all kid skills at any time by changing that same setting. When turned off, kid skills cannot be used on your account. You can find more information about each kid skill, including any terms provided by the developer of the skill, on the detail page for the skill in your Alexa App.

If you turn kid skills on, Alexa processes and retains information related to your and your child’s use of kid skills, including voice recordings, in the cloud to provide and improve your experience and our services. We handle any personal information we receive in accordance with Amazon.ca’s Privacy Notice.

Like other voice interactions with Alexa, you can review your and your child’s voice interactions with kid skills by visiting History in the Settings menu of your Alexa App. You can also delete specific voice recordings associated with kid skills from that same History setting, or you can delete all voice recordings associated with your account for each of your Alexa-enabled products at the Manage Your Content and Devices page at www.amazon.ca/mycd.

To learn more about your options for managing the personal information we collect through interactions with kid skills, please contact Customer Service www.amazon.ca/contact-us/.