### Try out your skill ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #### Try out your skill for the first time After creating an Alexa skill, expect it to be available for use in a couple of minutes. To see the status of your skill, visit the [Skills You've Made](/skills) page and select the skill. When its status changes to **Ready to use**, you can try out your skill. Once your skill is ready, you can open it on any of the Alexa-enabled devices registered to your account. Just tell Alexa which skill you'd like to open. For example, say "Alexa, open My Family Trivia." Try out your new skill with friends and family, and go have some fun! Tip: If you forget the name, you can always go to the [Skills You've Made](/skills) page to look it up. #### Use your skill on other devices You can access your skill on your account. To use your skill on another Alexa-enabled device, log in to the device with the account you used to make the skill. To switch accounts, go to the Alexa app and select **Settings**. You can choose a device that you've already set up, or add a new device to your account.