### Update your skill *** #### Edit your skill Keep your skill up to date by going to the [Skills You've Made](/skills) page. Choose your skill, then select **Edit** to make changes. If you've shared your skill, only you have the ability to update it as the skill creator. Any changes you make will be immediately available to anyone you've shared your skill with. [Learn more](/help/share-your-skill) about sharing. #### Disable a skill Disabling a skill keeps it from being used but doesn't delete it from your account. To disable a skill, go to the Alexa app, and select **Skills** then choose **Your Skills**. Select the skill and choose **Disable skill**. #### Delete a skill Unlike disabling a skill, deleting a skill will remove it from your account and you will not be able to use that skill name again. If you're sure you want to delete your skill, go to the [Skills You've Made](/skills) page and choose the skill you want to delete. On the skill page, you'll have the option to **Delete** your skill.